End of Summer
⏤ Solo Exhibition
디스위켄드룸, This Weeknd Room
헬로! 펫, 또 하나의 가족
Hello! pet, Our family ⏤ Group Exhibition
큐브 미술관, Cube Art Museum
2023. 04.07⏤06.25
비록 보이지 않더라도
Unseen ⏤ Group Exhibition
대전창작센터, Daejeon Creative center
2023. 03.31⏤05.14
Image Tracking
Group Exhibition
전시공간, All time space
2022. 11.18⏤12.08
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Group Exhibition
GASP gallery, Newyork, USA
2022. 05.06⏤05.23
신과 개의 마음
The mind of God and Dog⏤ Solo Exhibition
문래예술공장 M30, Mullae Art Factory M30
2021. 12.10⏤12.30
고양 아티스트 365
Goyang Artist 365⏤ Solo Exhibition
고양아람누리, Goyang Aram nuri
2021. 08
Group Exhibition
을지로 of, Euljiro-OF
2020. 11
Blue eyes
Solo Exhibition
온수공간, Onsu-gongan
2020. 09